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Cabinet Hardware Guide: Our Favorite Budget Friendly Knobs and Pulls

Cabinet hardware may be small in size, but it can make a big impact in a space! It is one of the finishing touches on a renovation or custom home and more often than not budget can be tight when you get to this point on a project. You should not have to sacrifice style to stay in budget, and we are happy to share our hardware selections from a recent custom home to prove our point!

All sources are listed below by item, and to meet budget we selected from Liberty Hardware, Gliderite Hardware, and Cosmas Hardware. We were able to order Liberty and Gliderite online with Home Depot and Cosmas directly through their website. Several of the pulls that we have included are available in a variety of finishes and sizes which is especially helpful in a kitchen where you have a variety of doors and drawers.

There are several different ways to approach cabinet hardware combinations. You can choose the same size pull for both doors and drawers OR you can mix it up! For these living room built-ins we used 3 different sized pulls and a cabinet knob fitting for the size of each door and drawer.

On this master vanity, the doors and drawers have the same size cabinet pull. Switch it up! Each space in a home can have a different combo and finish.

Our budget friendly list vary in price from $2.99 - $8.50 each. They also ship out quickly which is helpful when you are trying to wrap up a project. Below are more images of the hardware installed to give you a better idea on scale. As always, if you have questions don't hesitate to ask!

If you happen to use a pull or knob on our budget friendly list, we would love to hear from you! Post a photo on instagram or Facebook and be sure tag @dovetailstudiook.

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