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PAINT 101: Go To Color Palettes + How to Choose the Right Color + Picking the Perfect Sheen

Do you have a hard time choosing the right paint color? How many samples have you put up on your walls? We are here to help guide you on picking the perfect shade and provide you with our favorite go to colors, as well as how to choose the right sheen for your space.

Before we dive in on how to pick the right paint color for your space, we would like to share our go-to colors that never disappoint!

When it comes to selecting the right paint color for your walls, you want to think about how the space is used. If it is one of your main rooms or hospitality areas, you should always pick from the "neutrals" part of the paint deck. You want your colors to have muted or gray undertones. Choosing the right neutral will allow your furnishings and art to make a statement.

For kids spaces, COLOR is okay! Go bold with navy or emerald green. Choose something classic and timeless that works as a neutral but allows you to add pops of other colors like orange or yellow!

What sheen should I paint my walls or trim? This is a question that we get often and when it comes to paint, sheen is very important. Below are some tips for picking the perfect sheen.


We hope these tips provide you with more knowledge and confidence when choosing your next wall color. Still need further help? Don't be afraid to reach out! Paint is tricky, and we would love to help you! For a paint consult, contact us through the website!

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