Fruity and Floral

Every few months we host a workshop. In March, we hosted our "Fruity and Floral" workshop. Sangrias and eats were served while driftwood floral arrangements were made. We always have such a great time mingling with our guests and sharing our design knowledge! Take a look at the fun! . . . The Supplies + Process Driftwood, paint brush, gold/silver leaf, drill, florals (succulents or orchids), moss hot glue gun, floral cutters, floral bond glue, and gold/silver leaf adhesive Mix together 2 bottles of fruity red wine, 1 cup of brandy, 2 pears, 2 crisp apples, 2 lime, 2 oranges, and 2 tbsp. of sugar; add ginger ale and ice to serve . . . Their Creations If you LOVE what you see, sche

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