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Setting the Mood for the New Year

Did you know that color can affect your mood? If you thought you weren’t prone to moods, guess again! The colors used to paint, decorate, and furnish a room make a huge impact on not just the stylish look but the mood it creates as well. Here is a quick guide to help you pick the color for the mood you desire.


White is very trendy right now. Why we love white? It gives a clean, pure look. White can signify safety, innocence, and simplicity. It is also known to symbolize success and perfection and makes for an easy palate as a gate way to a variety of color.


Different shades of green have proven popular again and again over time and for good reason. Green brings a feeling of nature or the environment, health, new beginnings, progress, good luck, and has been proven to be one of the most calming of all colors. In fact, "Duck Green" was chosen as one of Farrow and Ball's "Key Colors for 2020".


Don’t worry be HAPPY! Are you immediately thinking of that yellow smiley face emoji? Or better yet, those yellow wild flowers on a bright sunshiny day? Yellow can bring cheer to any room. It is known to evoke feelings of joy, wisdom, and energy. However, when over used yellow can have a negative effect. It is best used to highlight or draw attention to a special piece or design feature in the home. Lemon yellow will be a popular hue for 2020 bringing a cheerful, yet refreshing mood to any room.


Aaahhh pink. Look how sweet that is! It’s gentle yet charming. Both romantic and whimsical. It brings out the playful, tender side of love as well as a feeling of femininity and daintiness. If you

crave a lighthearted vibe this color might be the one you’re looking for. AND Benjamin Moore’s color of the year happens to be pink! Shout out to “First Light 2102-70” for being the winning color.


Now, if you’ve really lost that loving feeling. Red can bring it back in a big way. Nothing says love like Red. It says I’m all in. I’m making a statement. I’m passionate. I’m full of courage, power, and strength. If you’re ready to be energized, this bold choice can do the job. Look for a unique palate of many shades of red to compliment the emerging pink trend in 2020. New reds will play a huge role in 2020 trends.


No color creates calmness like blue. It brings a peaceful, tranquil aura, relaxing your mind and body. If your vacations typically require blue skies and blue waters, chances are you’re a blue fan. Feelings of trust and wisdom are also side effects of it’s presence in your home. It’s hard not to love this color full of depth. Keep your eyes on “Purist Blue” and “Baby Blue” for spring/summer 2020.


If your favorite season is fall, you probably have no problem with this lovely hue. It exemplifies warmth, cozy fires, and PUMPKINS. Orange brings a bit of the cheer of yellow mixed with the energy of red. Encouragement and creativity are symptoms of this hue, so bring out the easels and the notepads and get your inner artist to emerge in this room.


The timeless color. It has always made a dynamic duo with white bringing a striking contrast to any room. This year, black will be seen more with a variety of colors as it has been called the “new neutraI”. Be prepared to have more feelings of power and elegance if this is the color of choice for you in 2020.

Keep in mind different shades can emulate a different vibe in every color scheme. Mixing colors to deliver a certain mood is possible. We would be HAPPY to help you with setting the mood you desire for your home by answering any questions you may have.

We hope that you had a blessed holiday season and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

We look forward to designing with you in 2020!

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