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Pillow Talk

Who's up for getting personal!? Let's have a pillow talk! Okay in all seriousness, this is a pillow talk on how to style your sofa and beds with throw pillows. It will answer your questions of "how many?", "how do I place them?" and "how do I mix textures, pattern and color?".

Let's talk bedding pillows! Typically for bedding we ask our clients what they prefer. If you're the type that doesn't like a lot of pillows and making your bed needs to be simple and easy, then this is what we suggest. Place euros in front of your "sleeping" pillows and add a lumbar. Always use three euros on a king and two on a queen or full.

For the more adventurous, we offer the suggestion of euros, two decorative pillows and the additional option to have a lumbar or single pillow in front as well.

When it comes to mixing colors and pattern, pull the colors from other items in the room or go monochromatic. When you mix patterns, try to think large, medium and small scale. Start with a larger scale pattern on the euros and get smaller as the scale of the pillow changes. Also, think about the type of pattern. DO mix a floral, stripe and polka dot. These do not compete with each other. DON'T mix a floral and a leaf pattern of the same scale, these are too much alike. For texture, change up your fabrics! Mix a velvet with a linen or add a pillow with a tassel trim!

Check out these pillow combinations that work!

Sourced from Arianna Belle.

Now, let's talk sofas! On a sofa or loveseat you should always have three to five pillows. The more pillows the more formal the look. For a relaxed or casual look stick to three or four pillows. When placing your pillows, vary the sizes. A 24" pillow is a great size for a sofa, then layer it with a 20". You can always add a lumber centered on the sofa for extra color or pattern.

For a sectional you want to place pillows in all the corners. You can group them in pairs or you can add a third pillow to the center of the sectional for that additional pop!

For all your pillow needs be sure to check out The Mill Shop and Co-Op, our sister store located in Casady Square! A variety of styles and sizes are always in stock!

Don't forget to ask about custom options too!

For budget friendly options check out our Pinterest page!

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