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And there's wreaths to be hung...

"There's lights on the trees and there's wreaths to be hung...

There's mischief and mayhem and songs to be sung.."

We hosted our annual wreath making workshop and oh, what fun we had! Check out our wreath "how to" and see what our creative guests made up for their homes this year!

Start by choosing 5-7 ornaments and two types of ribbon...

Next, fluff your wreath and choose where you want the top to be.

Then add your ribbon.


Always start with your solid first, then your pattern. Or, if you are using a ribbon with words, start with your pattern/solid first then your words on top.

Once you have added your ribbon, start placing your ornaments.


Alternate your colors and patterns to create balance. Place them in areas that have holes.

Do what looks natural!

After everything is placed and secure, add a personal touch with your family's name or a holiday saying!

Now, its time to hang your wreath and enjoy the holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

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