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This is US.

So often we get asked the questions "What all do you do?" , "How does The Mill Shop and Co-Op and Dovetail Studio work together?", or "What does Co-Op mean?". We want to answer all of your questions and let you get to know a little more about the story of US!

First, let us introduce ourselves! We are Natalie Turner and Taylor Malone (AKA: Nat and Tay), owners of The Mill Shop & Co-Op and Dovetail Studio. We run two separate businesses that coincide. We both grew up in Oklahoma City and attended UCO where we graduated with Interior Design degrees. Upon graduation we interned for the same design studio in Edmond, OK. From this internship, we developed a friendship and working partnership that led us to where we are now.

In August of 2016 Dovetail Studio was established and shortly after, in October, The Mill Shop & Co-Op opened it's doors. The goal of our businesses is to offer our clients and all Oklahomans a unique shopping experience and to fill a void in the design community.

The Mill Shop & Co-Op is our home furnishing store located in Casady Square. We originally opened our doors downtown OKC in the Farmer's Market District. We decided to relocate in 2017 to offer our clients and customers a more convenient place to shop/meet. Our store name "The Mill" stemmed from this original location and the "Co-Op" came to be because of how our business operates. We house several local makers in store and host workshops. Dovetail Studio operates out of the shop as well! It is a space that identifies an unmet need and creates a place to work together and collaborate with other local business owners.

Dovetail Studio is our full service interior design studio. We offer everything from new construction, renovations, interior styling, custom furniture, and draperies to porch/seasonal decor. We have even dabbled in event planning! Dovetail Studio operates out of the shop which allows us to meet with clients and give them a space to see and test products. The shop opens doors for us to meet new potential clients and gives shoppers the opportunity to ask questions and get inspired about their homes.

Our goal as small business owners is to CREATE, to INSPIRE and to BUILD.

To create lasting relationships with clients and trade partners, to inspire YOU the consumer, and to build a business that thrives on the passion we have for design and the people who motivate it.

So, Thank YOU! Thank you for following us and supporting us. Thank you for your questions and for giving us the opportunity to share with you. We have so many goals for these two businesses of ours and there is definitely more to come!

But for now...THIS IS US.

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