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But first...Let's take a SHELFIE

The question that comes to mind when thinking about shelf styling is

"Can you just come do it for me?"

So many of our clients and customers ask for help when it comes to decorating their bookshelves or floating shelves. They get overwhelmed with what to put where and how to place items together or what items to use.

We put together this blog as a "How To" style your shelves and hope that these 5 tips will give you guidance for your next styling adventure and ease your worries on if you are doing it "right".

TIP #1 Use ODD numbers! Group items in three or five.

TIP #2 Add texture! Use books, a floral, or a succulent!

This adds color and softness against all the hard surfaces.

TIP #3 Utilize ALL parts of the shelf!

Hang a piece of art on the edge of a shelf to take up space.

TIP #4 Balance your objects! If you have a white object in the top right part of the shelf, then use a white object in the bottom left of the shelf.

You can create balance in many ways whether it is by color, texture or pattern.

Tip #5 Use LARGER scale items and less of them! This is our most important tip! You do not want to have a million little things on your shelves that will then make them feel cluttered. The goal is to keep it clean and simple.

Here is a diagram to help you understand just a little bit further!

The key to good shelf styling is ultimately utilizing pieces you love! Gather all your found items, mix them with new and be creative!

Use all parts of the shelf and create depth with your items.

If you are needing some inspiration, be sure to hit up our shop in Casady Square!

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