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Lighting: The Jewelry of the Home

Ever wonder how big a light fixture needs to be for your space or how low/high it needs to hang?

We have all the answers for you and more! Below are some helpful tips along with our favorite places to source lighting.

Lighting is said to be "the jewelry of the home". This is because it can make the biggest impact in a space, not just aesthetically, but functionally as well. Make sure to properly light your space with the correct number of fixtures, keeping in mind not to overpower or take away from your furnishings. Scale plays an important role in lighting. We love oversized lights, however they still need to fit with the space. Here are a few sizing tips to consider when selecting your fixtures.

1. If you have a 4' wide table, the fixtures diameter or width should be 24"-32".

2. Allow 7' beneath the fixture to the floor. Each foot of ceiling height should represent 2.5-3" for your chandeliers height, excluding the chain. For example, if you have a 10' ceiling height, the overall height of your fixture should be 20.5"-30" tall (not including the chain).

3. To figure how much space needs to be between each pendant for over your island use this formula.

Island length - (the number of pendants x fixture diameter) divided by 4

4. For over a bathroom vanity your fixture width should be a few inches smaller than your mirror width.

5. For a living room fixture, your lights ideal diameter should be the sum of your rooms length and width and convert it to inches. (12'x12' room: 12+12=24")

Our sister company, The Mill Shop & Co-Op, recently gained a few new lighting lines.

Check out these beauties!

Some of our favorite local showrooms are Hunzicker's Lighting Gallery and Lifestyle's Lighting Store.

If you are looking to shop online, be sure to check out some of our favorite online shops for lighting.

Hangout lighting is a favorite for unique cluster pendants or swag chandeliers. This particular fixture we placed in a local hair salon over a side table.

Wayfair and Overstock are also great budget friendly options. The image below is a Wayfair find that we placed in a historic home renovation.

If you need help with any of your lighting needs be sure to contact us

or check out all of our lighting lines at the shop!

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