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Cheers to Patio Season!

Is your patio looking a little sad after the winter season? Now is the time to prep your patio for the Spring and Summer! By the end of this post, we hope to inspire you to create a space that you will want to enjoy!

An outdoor living space is an extension of your home and we suggest that you approach the furniture layout and selections just as you would your interior...create spaces that are not only functional but also coordinate with your interior style...all while keeping in mind appropriate finishes to endure the weather!

Have you shopped for outdoor furniture lately? If so, then you know how expensive it can be! Sometimes the prices are shocking but the phrase "you get what you pay for" is true...especially with outdoor furnishings. We have sourced quality brands with low, middle, and high price point options to fit any budget! In our experience, the higher the price the longer it will last when it comes to outdoor furnishings.

We absolutely LOVE the Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon fabric and wallpaper for the interior but did you know that there is outdoor fabric too! While it can be a little pricey, it doesn't take much to make a statement and it would easily pair with a solid or stripe! We found these chunky black and white stripe Sunbrella indoor/ outdoor pillows from Pottery Barn and the solid green ones from Target!

If your space allows, we highly recommend an outdoor area rug! Not only will a rug add another element of pattern, texture, or color but it also brings your furniture together to create a finished look, just like in an interior. If you are on a tight budget, we have had great luck at At Home. We can also help you find the perfect rug at The Mill Shop and Co-Op! We are loving this design available in three color ways.

By now you are probably asking "What about the furniture!?!" Throw pillows and a rug are great, but they are nothing without the furniture! We love to shop local and have recently come across J.C. Swanson's Fireplace and Patio Shop in Edmond. We are very impressed with their selection and the customer service is even better. Be sure to check them out and tell them we sent you!




Next on the list...texture! When it comes to plants we very much lean to what looks good that is also low maintenance. Succulents and cacti are always a good choice but some of our more recent faves are ferns!

Lowes always has an amazing selection of Boston Ferns and Kimberly Queen Ferns in a variety of sizes. They are the perfect patio plant: easy to maintain, great on the budget, and impressive looking! Whether hanging or in a decorative pot, ferns will add a much needed texture and life to your patio space!

Now get after it before patio season is in full swing and while furnishings are still in stock!

If this info has been helpful, we would love to hear from you!

Share your completed patio space on Instagram and tag #dovetailstudiookinspiredme


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