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Designing a new construction home: Dos + Don'ts

Thinking about building a home? Here is a list of our dos and don'ts when building AND a peek at one of our most recent new construction custom homes!


1. Research your builder and ask questions! You never want to go into building a house with someone you do not trust.

2. Go over the budget sheet! Research the products you already know you want so you can familiarize yourself with pricing. That last thing you want is to get into the build process and go over budget on every detail.

3. Prewire for everything you think you might want in the future! It is easier and more cost effective to wire for items like window shades and home automation now than it is to add it on in the future. It is not always easy or possible to add once the house is closed up.

4. Utilize your budget wisely! Think about how your home will function and the spaces your guests will see. Spend money on things like lighting, appliances and tile. These are items you use daily and that make the most impact in a space.

5. Hire a designer! Designers keep you in budget and help guide you on where to spend it. They also keep you and your builder on good terms and make it efficient to get the job done on time and within budget.


1. Don't immediately take the lowest bid! You know the saying..."you get what you pay for."

2. Don't assume the options given to you are the only options! This goes back to asking questions. Make sure you know what all your options are before settling on something that you don't really want.

3. Don't design a home that doesn't work! When working with an architect, builder or designer, think about the location of your spaces. How do you want your home to function? What works best for you and your family? Does it make sense? Ask yourself these questions and edit your plan as needed prior to breaking ground.

4. Don't live in the dark! More lighting is better than no lighting. You can always turn lights off that you do not want on, but not enough/adequate lighting will leave you frustrated when the build is complete.

5. Don't assume everything is going to be perfect! No house turns out exactly as planned. Realize that there are codes and restrictions that have to be followed, which doesn't always leave you with exactly what you had in mind. However, you should spend time at your house throughout the process to make sure it is going as smooth as possible and things are getting done right.

Building doesn't have to be stressful! Follow these tips and ask for referrals!

It should be are building your dream home!

Keep scrolling for more shots of our recent build!


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