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How to achieve a designer nursery at affordable prices.

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Take a look at this baby girl's nursery with a color palette that is so soft and sweet. The bright white highlighted with peach and pink tones make this nursery just to die for! We have gathered items that will give your little girl this look, BUT at an affordable price!

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Having a boy? This nursery might just be the perfect fit for you! We love the eclectic style of this room...from the modern lines introduced with the furniture to industrial pendant light and the mix of patterns and textures. What a fun space to bring home that handsome boy to! Check below for the must have, budget friendly, alternatives!

It is time well spent to find the perfect piece that you can afford! No matter the room or the style, there is always an alternative option that will achieve the look you are wanting!

Happy Shopping!

Room inspiration sourced from Pinterest

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