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Color of the year goes to...

“How to implement this year’s Pantone color into your interiors”

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Adding a new trend to your home, especially a bold color such as Greenery, can be challenging. When done right, it can be absolutely stunning!

While selecting finishes and furnishings for your home, you will want to consider certain principles and elements of design. Here are some simple tips to help you implement this herbal color that is full of organic inspiration!


Pattern is the repetition of a decoration or motif that can form in a variety of ways.

Wallpaper is back in a BIG way people, with SO many great options to choose from! This particular swatch displays the repetition of a dandelion and is available in a variety of color ways BUT our personal favorite is this vibrant green! What a great way to bring the outdoors in with this 2017 color of the year!

Not only is wallpaper a great way to bring pattern to a room, but it can really fill the wall space without weighing the space down. This interior is a great example of this with just the perfect amount of pop!


Light is the source of illumination.

Light is one of the most important elements when making selections for your home. We could write a whole blog just on lighting!

We will save that for another time!

The style and scale of a light fixture can make or break a room. Lighting can add balance to a space while also providing a textural element. As the jewelry of your home, lighting can create just the right emphasis in your space. By selecting a light fixture that "pops", it truly can become the focal point in a room.

We LOVE this light fixture in mossy green...practically drooling over here.... this geo chandelier is the perfect compliment to the multi colored patterned wallpaper.


Lines create emotion. Lines are infinite and can form movement. Horizontal lines tend to be restful or calm, moving your eye around the room, while vertical lines can draw your eye up.

There is no limit with the bold Pantone color of the year! Check out this Silestone quartz countertop! It brings life to this kitchen and SCREAMS confidence with a linear appeal. This fun burst of color pairs well with the dark modern cabinetry, while still providing serenity to the space.

Who wouldn't want to cook in this kitchen!?!


Contrast is the state of being strikingly different from something else.

Show some contrast! This backsplash is the perfect example of adding contrast to the overall neutral kitchen. Its bold application is incorporated with a basic brick joint installation...

sometimes it is good to keep it simple!

Adding contrast to a space can help highlight something else in the room, OR it can create a focal point.

In this interior, our eyes are drawn to the beautiful basil splash!


Texture stimulates the senses and refers to the surface quality of an object.

Fabrics, such as this one, are an excellent source for texture. We love the stitched repetition of imperfect ovals on this cotton/poly fabric. The stitching creates texture on the fabric itself and when paired in this perfect hue...WOW! Its stunning!

Green adds the perfect color accent to overall neutral tints and shades of this interior!


Have no fear, COLOR can be

your best friend!

This years choice of "Greenery" is a bold one, but we fell in love with it! Some colors can be intense, however when used properly it can really complete a design.

Color can be incorporated in subtle ways, like this cabinet hardware. It adds the perfect punch in the bathroom. Color can also spark emotions. Doesn't this space just make you feel happy!?!


Balance, whether symmetrical or asymmetrical, can be achieved by placement of items or with color.

This interior was painted in the fun "Greenery" hue and balanced top to bottom by adding an upholstered green sofa.

Symmetrical balance lends to be more traditional, formal, and structured while asymmetrical balance is informal and less structured.

The green hue implemented symmetrically in the space, makes for a perfect whimsical playroom!


Congratulations Greenery! You have really outdone yourself!

Nat & Tay

. . .

Interior photos sourced from Pinterest

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